Sunday, July 20, 2014

So many decisions, so little time.

In past remodels, time and budget were always the driving factors in the decisions we made.  This time around, budget is less of a concern (only in that we actually have a decent, workable amount of money to play with) and we can focus on style.  Since there is no major construction happening, and the only plumbing work will be to add a gas line for the new stove, we don't have the added burden of a lot of labor going into the project as well.  That makes me happy because a) building materials are expensive, and b) less work means my handyman is less cranky.  (Note that I said less cranky and not not cranky at all.  He's always cranky to some degree or another.) 

I digress...

The materials we chose for the floor and the backsplash gave us a place to flex our creative muscles.  I knew I wanted to arrange the backsplash tile in an interesting pattern, but it wasn't until we chose the floor that I realized we could have some fun there, too.  After it was delivered I opened up one of the boxes and started playing.

First option:  staggered, in a subway or running board pattern:

Second option:  basketweave pattern 

Third option:  90* herringbone pattern 

Fourth option:  angled herringbone pattern 

I liked all of the layouts.  So I brought in my #2 (aka the hubby) and asked his opinion.  He quickly nixed the basketweave layout because he thought it was odd and uninteresting.  Next went the angled herringbone layout because of the level of difficulty of all the angles (and probable high waste factor).  That left the staggered layout and the 90* herringbone layout.  He surprised me by choosing the 90* herringbone.  Though it made me happy because that was the one I was leaning toward anyway.  Yay!  Everybody wins!

The backsplash tile will mirror the floor pattern, so it'll be getting the 90* herringbone pattern as well.  It should hopefully end up looking something like this:

The new stove comes tomorrow and the cabinets should be here by the end of the week.  We're getting so close to actually being able to begin.  I started cleaning out cabinets and purging junk (and expired food--so much expired food!) in order to make things move along more quickly when the cabinets arrive.  I'm not looking forward to living in chaos and having to dig through everything to find what I need, but the ends will definitely justify the means.  Let's just hope the end comes sooner rather than later!

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