Friday, October 28, 2011

Finally--I finished something!

After working on my sister-in-law and her new hubby's wedding quilt for what seems forever, I finally finished it.  It felt like something was missing, then I remembered an awesome tutorial I'd seen for a scrap-busting pillow that I've wanted to try for like, forever.  I knew I had enough fabric from various projects to do it, so I booted up the ol' PC, dove into my bookmarks, and badda boom, badda bing, pillow!

I think the tree goes well with the heart quilt for a "newlywed" theme.  You know, love and starting your own "family tree".

I'm almost done with my grandmother's quilt.  Now that I know how easy that pillow is, (and how cute!) I'm going to make her a coordinating pillow to go with her quilt.  And after that, I'm going to start a split-rail fence patterned quilt for Project Linus.  And maybe I should finish that rag quilt I've been working on, too.  That would make another fabulous Project Linus quilt.  (If you have no idea what I'm talking about when I say "Project Linus", click HERE to find out more about this awesome organization.)  I'm so excited to be working with Amy and Project Linus to provide blankets to sick kids!

I have the sneaking suspicion that my sewing machine is going to be out and in use pretty much indefinitely...

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