Saturday, September 3, 2011


Ahhh, Joann Fabrics, you temptress, I cannot resist you and your holiday weekend sales and bonus coupons. And when you put the red tag clearance items on sale for half-off the lowest price, I want to give you big wet sloppy kisses! While I would love (and I mean LOVE) to be a fabric snob and only use super high-quality, fancy fabrics, my checkbook tells me that for now, I can only afford to buy fabrics at places like Joann.

Yesterday, I picked up about $125 worth of fabric for $15. There's just something about seeing that big pile of fabric in my quilting tote that gets me all hot and bothered. I have so many ideas and patterns bookmarked that it would take hundreds of yards of fabric to make everything. At least I can start something now!

I've been dying to make Norah a corduroy jumper for a while now. I found a cute pattern but corduroy is really expensive, and if I can't make something for less than I could just buy it pre-made, then I won't do it. This fabric was $2.50/yard. 2-1/2 yards cost me $6.11. Score!

I love this flannel! It's soft and cozy, and not too babyish. I've been hoping to make a rag quilt, and found a great tute on Jera's blog, which I absolutely adore. It's going to be simple, with just the two fabrics, which I will alternate to give it some interest. Don't know who the lucky recipient will be, but I think whoever it is will like it!

I want to add more fabric to this grouping. I'm really intrigued at the thought of using just black and white to create something. Don't you think these fabrics look gorgeous together?

I got three yards of this fabulous sheer material for a whopping $3. I think it was about $15/yard originally. It has gold metallic threads shot through it. *love* No clue what it's going to be, but I have some great blouse patterns and I think it would make a really pretty top.

This grouping is probably my favorite. I love the greens and browns and blues together! I've been scouring the internet for patterns and have narrowed my next big project down to two contenders: morning star or snowball. All that's left to do now is start cutting!

I have a lot more fabric stashed away, but these are the ones that are demanding my attention at the moment. (Does anyone else lie awake at night and think about their crafting? Sometimes I find that my brain goes a million miles an hour designing and redesigning over and over.)

Finally, I wanted to show a little love to two online fabric sites that I la-la-la-LOVE: Connecting Threads and Hawthorne Threads. Great prices, great customer service, fabulous fabric choices. You'll see quite a bit of their products in my quilts!

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  1. Wow! This is awesome stuff! I love all of your fabrics and cant wait to see what you create!